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With the Cloud system you can have your server with the power you need at every moment.

Decide what computing power you want, memory, disk space or license and start working.

· Windows or Linux
· Plesk Control Panel
· Configure server resources in a few seconds

From € 6.75 / month


Dell PowerEdge servers that provide high quality for maximum power

· Robust environment for dedicated servers ensuring high availability systems with redundant power, connectivity, protection systems.
· Data protectio using RAID SSD HotSwap technology


UNLIMITED shared hosting plans, you pay only for the space used.

1 domain, 1 GB disk
* No database or PHP support

1 domain 5 GB disk databases and PHP support

1 domain, 10GB disk, databases and PHP support

· From 26 € / year


The domain name is your identity on the Internet and is the brand that will associate your company to the network. With Filnet you can register any extension.

· New gTLDs: .club, .xyz, .barcelona, .beer and many more!
· Volume discounts
· Integrated management: transfers, changes of owner, DNS, etc.
· Private Whois services, local contacts


SSL certificates for one or more domains and subdomains with or without the highest level of commitment and quality.

FilNet offer all types of certificates:

- DV: certify that the domain exists and do not show any kind of company information in the certificate. Ideal for domains on a personal level.

- OV: certify that the company owns the domain and show the company name on the certificate. Ideal for enterprise-level domains without ecommerce.

- EV: strictly certify that the company owns the domain and show the company name in green in the browser when visiting the page. It is the highest level of certification and it is ideal for companies with e-commerce.

· Agreements with the best certification entities, such as Symantec, GeoTrust and Comodo.

· From 30 € / year


FilNet mantains a working relationship with various organizations to offer their licenses at lower cost.

· Microsoft
· Plesk
· VMware
· Adobe and many more!